Best CBSE School In Ambala City

The Infrastructure

The school is located at Jalbera Road with ultra modern facilities, spacious, airy well ventilated class rooms.

Class Rooms

The airy and spacious classrooms are well-designed, subject oriented with plenty of natural light and ventilation that can comfortably accommodate 30 students with ample working space. Further, each class room has a computer connection with internet access and is monitored by circuit cameras (CCTV).

Library – The store of knowledge

The school library is richly equipped with books for all ages and tastes. To inculcate the habit of reading, the school subscribes to a number of dailies and periodicals in Hindi or English. The class room teaching is supplemented with allied books, available in the Library, which provides to the children to have an upto date knowledge of our country and the world. The books are also issued for reading at home. The children may consult Reference Books, Encyclopedias and Text Books. The funds are liberally incurred for purchasing library books every year.

Science Laboratories: Generating Mini Scientist

Chemistry, Physics and Bio labs are equipped with necessary instruments and equipments.

Mathematics Lab

As per latest norms of the CBSE.., a Mathematics Lab has been set up. All the basic teaching aids for teaching mathematics specially Geometry, Mensuration, Trignometry etc. have been made available. This lab has also been equipped with various models to inculcate the basic concepts of time, space, addition, multiplication, division.

Social Science and Commerce Labs : Visit the world in one Lab

Keeping abreast with the latest trends and innovations in the field of education, the school has already set up a Social Science Lab. The CBSE…has introduced ‘Project Work’. The Project Work necessitates the availability of proper infra – structure as per curriculum. The setting of a separate Commerce Lab is underway. It is proposed to be equipped during the current academic session.

Computer Lab

The Air-conditioned lab is a conductive room for conducting computer classes and the school is also equipped with internet system, LCD Projector.

Best CBSE School In Ambala City
Best CBSE School In Ambala City

Generators and Aqua Guards

A noise free Generator set and Aqua Guards have been arranged to ensure regular power supply and safe drinking water.

The House System

In order to inculcate among the children the qualities of self-discipline, self governance, competitive spirit, cooperation, sports manship and to explore the hidden talents in cultural and athletic activities, students are divided into four houses viz Swami Vivekanand, Swami Dayanand, DR. S.Radhakrishanan , Sh. Rabinder Nath Tagore. Each house being under the supervision of a House Master/ House Mistress. To assist the House In-charges, other teachers in equal numbers are associated with each house. Each house is on duty for a month on rotation and looks after the Discipline, Morning Assembly and Inter-house competitions. The house meeting is held on every Monday.